Thursday, May 07, 2009

Playing Tiger

Kaity and Joe have a game of pretend that they play pretty often. The general theme is that Joe is a tiger named "Tigger", and he does various things, usually whatever Kaity tells him to! She's getting better at accepting the story lines he suggests, but it's hard not to be the Big Sister. Today the story is that "Tigger" has a family -- Kaity is Violet, Tigger's wife, and their cubs are Tigger Stripes (a Webkinz), along with Midget and Pouncer (cupcake toppers). At one point, our 1-year old cat, Lily, wandered by, and Tigger headed for her. Violet said, "It's just a cat in with our children, don't kill it!" To which Tigger replied, "I'm trying to capture it and bring it to our lair!" Violet replies, "It's not a lair, it's our house."

Later, they were prowling around the living room and saw a hairbrush on the floor. Pretending it was some sort of thornbush, Violet tells Tigger, "Those things are dastardly! You could have one of those stuck in your paw for the rest of your life!"

And here are some random photos of the kids and Jeff that I've taken lately, and haven't posted yet.
Jeff and the kids snuggling on the couch. I don't think they were actually asleep.

Jeff and Joe playing Excite Bike on the original Nintendo. Yes, the ORIGINAL, from 1985. The only problem with it is that the games get stuck in the player. We've solved that by always using the Game Genie, even if we don't enter codes.

Kaity and I usually do our morning Bible study and prayer at the same time. Joe can't read yet, of course, but he doesn't want to be left out! He sometimes gets out the Bible he got from church and "reads" along with us.

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