Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Visit with Nannie and Papa

Thursday, Ken and Cheryl came over for lunch and to pick up their grandbabies. I wanted to surprise Jeff with an evening without children so that we could go out to dinner for his birthday. His birthday wasn't until Sunday, but that leads to the other bit of news ... The reason we couldn't have just gone to dinner during the weekend is that I have a job! I am working at a locally owned restaurant, The Fat Finch. For now, I'm "kitchen help" which means that I wash dishes (which my mother finds hysterical), plate soup and dessert, and occasionally help Kim (my boss, the chef)by fixing baked potatoes and keeping an eye on the stove. Her goal is to get me ready to handle cooking everything on the lunch menu for Saturdays -- so she can actually have some time off. I'm only working on Friday night and Saturdays because that's when Jeff can be home with the kids. Anyway, it's a job and will help us be able to pay off our debt more quickly.

Note the extra "grandchild" Nannie has on her shoulder!

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