Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Okay -- how cool is this?? We had a tornado in our town! I know, not very cool for the ones whose property was damaged, but it was awfully exciting for the rest of us. There were quite a number of trees down, and some damage to homes, but that was minimal. It was mostly limbs and branches, tops of trees twisted off, and a few power lines down. The one area that was the most torn up was ... you guessed it -- a trailer park. There were a lot of trees down in that area, which had damaged many of the trailers.

Jeff and I watched the tornado form from our street, but the actual funnel was below the tree tops and we weren't able to see that. Naturally, after the storm passed, Jeff couldn't wait to jump in the car and drive around town! Our house is about a mile and a half away from the start of the damage.

You can see in the center of the picture where the very top of the funnel is. You could watch the clouds being sucked toward it.

Here, the tornado pulled a section of metal roofing off of the building and flung it into the tree to the right.

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