Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pittard Family Visit

This past weekend, we had a wonderful visit with Jeff's family. His twin brother Joe is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army and will be deployed soon, so he and his wife Jennifer came for a visit before that time comes. It was good having everyone there -- Joe and Jennifer; Jeff's older brother Jason, his wife Paige and their three children, plus us and Ken and Cheryl. Definitely a full house, and we all stayed over Friday night. Our kids especially enjoyed the time they got to spend with their cousins, which just doesn't happen often enough.

Jason, Joe, and Jeff, watching a video on Joe's phone.

Kaity and Joel had pallets on the dining room floor under the table. That brought back my memories of sleeping wherever there was space on the floor at Granny's house.

Paige and Jacob, their younger son. He and his fraternal twin Sarah just turned two a few weeks ago.

Jennifer playing on the floor with the twins.

Jeff wanted to play a game and was attempting to get Jason out of the recliner. Obviously, the comics were more important! Jason said, "I'm fine! Perfectly comfortable!" Or some such nonsense.

Joe and Jason put Katie and Joel on their shoulders and played chicken with them! Ah, the joys of having uncles.

The Joes. Little Joe thinks it's really neat that Uncle Joe has the same name as he does. He even named one of the army soldiers that he got for his birthday "Uncle Joe".

Joe and Jeff, identical twins. Jeff is older by nine minutes -- sparking the family joke that at birth Joe hit the snooze button and sent Jeff on ahead.

Jason, coolly keeping an eye on the children while they play.

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