Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh, That Boy!

Joe was disobedient this morning -- not an unusual occurrence I assure you. I sent him to my room and we sat on the edge of the bed to "talk about God". (That's Joe's traditional stalling tactic -- "Tell me about God!") I told him briefly of God's command of obedience and how we must both be obedient to Him. Then came the physical discipline. I let him know he'd be getting three swats. He perked up at that and said, "That's how old I am!" He pondered a moment, looked at me from the corners of his eyes and then remarked, "If I was two, I would only get two swats and that wouldn't hurt as much."

Bless his little heart! He's too charming for his own good. (He still got three swats, though, don't worry!)

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