Monday, June 09, 2008

Busy Summer Days

Well, I certainly haven't been neglecting to post because we haven't been doing anything! I've just been going 90 miles an hour and haven't taken the time to blog about it. And yes, "blog" is a noun and a verb in my vocabulary! Anyway, just a few pictures and stories for you today:

We haven't really had air conditioning since we moved into this house two years ago. We knew the unit wasn't functioning properly, but we just now got around to fixing it. It's been so hot that Daisy resorted to curling up in the cool porcelain of the sink.

Daddy reading a bedtime story.

Last week, we went twice to friends' houses to swim. These are pictures from the second venture.

Kaity knows how to swim but still isn't confident enough to venture far without floats.

Joe, surprisingly, is a bit fearful of the water. He loves a bath, and he loves playing in the shallow end of the pool. The problem is when Jeff or I take him deeper. He clings to us like a barnacle!

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