Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just Keep Swimming

Last year we went swimming a grand total of once. This year we've been in the pool several times, with plans to head for the beach later this summer! Last weekend we went up to Lexington, SC to spend the weekend (Friday-Saturday) at Berk's mom's condo there. Fran has a beautiful place in a new development on Lake Murray. We actually never even went to the lake on this trip, but spent plenty of time in the pool. Just the kids and I went because on Thursday at 4:00 in the afternoon Jeff got word he had to work on Friday. But that's the way it works sometimes, and we still have the beach to look forward to!

Like with the zoo trip, I have lots of great pictures. It's hard narrowing it down!

Baba and the kids.

Me, alligator wrestling.

There was a big pirate ship playground in the backyard of the condo. That was a huge hit for the kids.

Friday night we ordered pizza and the kids crashed on the sofa bed watching a video. They were completely worn out -- and so were Grammie and Baba!

Fran's condo is the yellow one straight ahead. Her place is on the top floor, which makes for a lot of stairs, but a great view!

Stuart came on Friday with my nephew Ralston and their young friend James. Virginia had to work. She came on Saturday with the boys while Stu was at work. Here's a great picture of her with Rali. Stuart and Ginny are expecting another son to arrive some time in September.

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