Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Night

When Jeff and I began teaching the College&Career Sunday School class, we took on a lot more than an hour's worth of teaching on Sunday! They drop in at our house throughout the week, call us (at sometimes odd hours), and text movie quotes to us. We really love and pray over them all.

One tradition that we enjoy is Sunday nights. Every week after the Sunday night church service, we have anywhere from 8 to 12 people over for dinner. Mostly, I cook for everyone, but occasionally we do a "Bring-Your-Own-Fast-Food" night. I'd say the top three favorite meals are spaghetti, calzones, and chili w/ baked potatoes. Sometimes we just spend the evening talking, but we're usually playing video games (classic Nintendo, Wii, etc.) or board games like Battle of the Sexes or Scene It. Someone is always on the computer checking Facebook, "Googling" random topics, or looking stuff up on YouTube. Can you tell it's a technology driven generation?? One thing that made Jeff and me laugh when we first experienced it is their habit of having conversations with each via text messaging ... while sitting NEXT to each other! How random is that? But truly, it's the only way to get privacy in our little house. :)

These are just some various pictures of some of the crew at our house.

Pam and Kelli

Kelli putting Robby in his place.

Kaity snuggling with Mr. Chad.

Joe snuggling with Mr. Alan. (or as Joe says, Misser Awan)

Zach playing Guitar Hero.

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