Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kaity Pittard, Published Author

Kaity's writing exercise in school today required her to describe someone. She had a list of questions to answer about the person. We took it a step further and I had her write out a paragraph with her answers. I was planning on posting it on the blog so that I'd have a Kaity-Story to go along with all the Joe stuff I've had lately. But of course, the subject she chose to write about was ... Joe! Anyway, here it is.

Joe, My Brother
He was born August 14, 2004. Joe's eyes are blue and his hair is blonde. Joe is always happy, and sometimes mad because I hit him. He wears a shirt and underwear and no pants (because he doesn't like to wear pants). Also, he wants all his clothes to match. Joe and I have races around the house. He always plays games with me. He is a really loud brother. When he goes to bed he calls for Mommy, because he wants her to sing.

She did mention his "loudness" several times in her description, but we edited it down to one, and she added in the "really" so everyone would appreciate his volume's superlative status.

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Laura said...

I totally understand about his volume control. I'm completely convinced that there HAS TO BE something wrong with Daniel's hearing! Maybe it's a stage...