Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Whose Idea Was This, Anyway?

Well, I can't help it that Joseph is at that great age of saying funny things. So, I'll start with his, then I'll tell you about something Kaity said when she was about his age. Yesterday, Joe and I were snuggled together reading and (as is typical) he said, "Hug!" and grabbed me around the middle. His hand slipped up the back of my shirt so that when he pulled away, my shirt was pushed up a little. Feeling bare skin, he looked down and then started tugging at my pajama pants. "Joe, stop it!" I laughed, "What are you doing?" He went doggedly on and then said, "I wanna see your bookmarks!" Yes, folks, he was talking about my stretch marks! Little stinker.

When Katie was probably 2 we went to Wal-Mart to go shopping. She was sitting in the cart facing me and when we were on a crowded aisle she casually remarked, "I don't have a daddy." People turned to look at us. I was incredulous! "Yes, you do!" I said, loudly and sounding pretty unconvincing in the face of my daughter's sincerity. "No, I've never met my daddy." Argh! People were now not just looking, but giving us The Look. Horrified, I just said, "Yes, you have! Daddy's at work right now." But I don't think anyone around us believed me!

Now here is a picture of them being very well behaved and quiet and getting along famously.

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