Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Painting the Bug

I'm really not sure how all this got started ... At one point I think one of our College & Career group asked Jeff teasingly when he was going to let them paint his bug. Well, Jeff just thought for a minute and replied that he didn't mind if they all got together and did just that! They were floored, and before you know it Jeff had made the plans. He told everyone to show up at our house New Year's Eve (a beautiful day!) Everyone brought their own spray paint and went to work. Of course, Jeff took off the roof rack and prepped the Beetle by taping off everything he didn't want painted. About 9 or 10 of our class/group showed up to have a hand in painting the car.

A neat bit of trivia about the tag on the front -- It's a German tag from the eighties that our family had on one of our vehicles. Dad always saved license plates (a guy thing!) and they kind of passed on to my older brother, Stuart. Jeff has always been a Volkswagen enthusiast so when he saw that tag with his initials on it, he REALLY wanted it. Stuart said he could have it, and Jeff is thrilled to be able to use it now!