Monday, January 14, 2008

Joe's Black Eye

If you know our family at all, you probably know about our son's uncanny ability to hurt himself at any given moment. Jeff says that it's a good thing Joseph has a face, or who knows what he'd catch himself with when he falls. True to form, this injury occurred when Joe was supposed to be taking a nap and was out of bed instead. Katie caught him and he ran for the bed. Unfortunately, he didn't make it and when he fell against the edge of the bed, hitting himself on the cheekbone just below his eye. He wanted a mirror right away and looked at himself all afternoon. Isn't he just pitiful?


Leah said...

Again I say, Joe seems to have strangely inherited a Phillips' male gene...his accidents are just like my brothers!!

Laura said...

Yikes! Poor baby!

Jennifer said...

Poor little rough'n'tumble Joe!