Saturday, January 26, 2008

Children's Museum of Art

My children have been quite prolific lately in the art department. Joe is getting to the point that he is drawing objects rather than simply scribbling. Kaity is beginning to draw more of what she learns about in school, and applying what she learns about art/drawing. The kids chose what they wanted on the blog, so here they are!

"Chinese House"
Artist: Kaitlyn Pittard
Medium: Magic Markers

Here, the artist brings out the curved roof-line architecture that is characteristic of the ancient Asian homes she has observed in her studies.

Artist: Joseph Pittard
Medium: Magic Markers

Note the artist's attention to detail in the cat's whiskers, large ears, and many legs.

Artist: Joseph Pittard
Medium: Magic Markers

Notice here how the artist has captured the most compelling feature of his subject -- her eyes and long eyelashes.

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Anonymous said...

Great job kids!! I'm impressed!
luv y'all,
aunt cindy