Saturday, January 06, 2007

Take Your Kids to Work Day

For some time, Jeff and I have wanted to get some pictures of him with the children at the quarry. Joe had never seen his daddy's work, and we were eager to see how he'd react. He was awed by the big equipment and wanted to ride everything he saw. "I want ride that!" Jeff took him on his excavator and showed him how the boom worked, then he gave Katie a turn. The excavator is what Jeff normally operates at the quarry, though he can operate any of the machinery and fills in for other employees when they are out. The belt system in the background is part of the crusher plant. Jeff has also been in charge of running that in the past. The kids got to see a 65-ton (capacity) Euclid dumptruck and a Komatsu WA600 front loader.


Lynnette said...

Wow! The kids look so miniscule. What did Joe think of all that equipment?

jeni said...

Joe and Katie both loved it. Now when I say, "Daddy's at work" Joe has a mental image to connect with. (with which to connect. Ha-ha)