Friday, January 19, 2007

Katie Stories

I told a sweet Joe story a few days ago, so here are a couple of funny Katie stories. First, Jeff has ordered some things for his Volkswagen project and a few of the parts have come in big boxes. One box was long and fairly narrow -- just enough room for Katie to lay flat inside. She would crawl in headfirst and yell, "Help! I'm in distress in a box!" and then Joe would run over and pull her out by the ankles. When she had been safely rescued, it was Joe's turn to be in distress. Why, we wonder, (along with every other parent in America) did we not just get them huge empty boxes for Christmas?!

Secondly, yesterday Katie and I were snuggled on the couch ready to start her science lesson. I opened the book to a drawing of the solar system and settled into teaching mode. "Scientists, Katie, are always learning and discovering new things. Sometimes this changes ideas or theories that they have held. One example of that is the planet Pluto." Here Katie interrupted. "Oh, Pluto! I know all about that." "You do? Well, what do you know?" (This was kind of a throwaway question. We had not discussed the planets before and I didn't expect her to know anything about them yet.) So Katie replies, "Scientists think it's not a gas giant. They think it's just been captured by the sun's gravity." (!) I just sat there open-mouthed while Katie giggled at me. Turns out, she had been reading the book on the solar system that her Grammie gave her for Christmas. I guess maybe that was a better gift than an empty box!

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