Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wilshire Trails

The next stop on what is apparently a grand tour of the parks of our area ... Wilshire Trails! This one was nice especially because of the playground. We went here last week, the 19th.

The kids loved it!

The trail winds through the woods behind the playground.

Joe the adventurer!
As we were walking, I heard a faint cracking sound and immediately looked up at the trees to see what was going to fall. Within a couple of seconds, a big branch came tumbling through the canopy and crashed onto the paved trail ahead. We were in no danger, but a gentleman walking toward us had narrowly escaped. It made for an exciting interlude for the kids! We cleared the path and moved forward.
Moving the branches and leaves from the pathway.

Why are they sitting there? I'm stumped.

Holding hands with Mama.

There were lots of bridges and Lauryn and Selah were thrilled with each one.

There were spider webs on this bridge. Lauryn had to stop and inspect them.

The kids are always wiped out at the end of these long Tuesdays.

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