Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring Break!

My three oldest little darlings have been staying at Grammie and Bobba's house for several days. While I miss their chatter and laughter and hugs, it has been lovely to get lots of things done around the house! I've done quite a bit of cleaning in general but the everyday chores have lessened greatly with only half the family at home. For example, I've run the dishwasher only once in five days when I typically run it twice a day. I've done one load of laundry in five days, when I normally have to keep it going every day just to keep up! Anyway, the lack of some chores has freed up a great deal of time to devote to other projects that have been on my list for some time.

I'll share a few pictures with you: some Before/After shots, and some will simply be sneak peeks until I can actually complete the projects.

First up is something that is eventually going to be part of a message board made from old windows. My parents replaced the windows in their former house and saved the old ones, fortunately for me! But this is the only picture because I'm not done with this project yet.

Next up, I saved this little guy from an ignominious death by yard sale. Thanks again, Mom! I used the opportunity to spruce up my fireplace, too, since this is a candle holder fireplace insert thingy.
I cleaned, sanded and painted this first. Then I got to work on the fireplace.
Goodbye, ugly fireplace screen! I unscrewed (which sounds so much easier than it was!) the bar holding this in place, then took out the entire mesh screen.
The next step involved scraping off all the duct tape residue from the marble, then cleaning it. Super fun! Apparently the former owners taped up plastic or something to keep the cold air out.

All done! Someday I'll even buy candles to go on it.

This last one is another unfinished project, but one I'm crazy excited about! This was another little something I salvaged (asked nicely if I could have) from my parents. It was languishing in their garden shed. I took it apart, cleaned it up and spray painted it the shiniest silver I could find.


Of course, it's not totally finished yet; I haven't exactly decided what I'm going to use to replace the globes. I have a few ideas I'm kicking around but I want to live with them for a while before I decide. It will go in our dining room once it's complete. And I'll be sure to update you then!

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