Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Little Girls

Bedtime is typically something Daddy handles with the little girls, mainly because they request him. Mama's the one who is always there, so having Daddy put them to bed is special. For various reasons, though, ranging from me just wanting to do it to Selah wanting to hear Goldifuzz or for me to sing to them, I handle bedtime now and then. Tonight I bathed and dressed them, combed their hair and read them a story. We read a lot during the day, and Lauryn is at the point where she will bring me a book and climb in my lap. I love it! They were so sweet that I snapped a few pictures with my phone:

Lauryn kept poking Selah in the face.
I was reading Mr. Noisy - one of the Little Miss and Mr. Men books that were so beloved in my childhood.
And here's a bonus picture of Little Miss Lauryn chowing down on chips and salsa. I literally had to pry the bowl out of her little hands at the end of the meal. Yet she refuses to eat dinner every other night, because ... toddler. Sigh.

(Thanks for the dress, Aunt Leah!)

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