Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent, Chapter 7, part 2

Nobody is a Secret Agent, chapter 7, part 2
By Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire
They seemed to be in a downtown area. It was raining and very gloomy. No one else was around. Across the street was a bakery. Tiger pulled an umbrella out of a vest pocket and handed it to her.
    "I have a job for you, I will be in the area investigating, you will go to that bakery across the street and pretend to buy something. You see, the reason we're here is because there was a ruby stolen from a museum and according to our sources, it is hidden in or near that bakery! You will act as a customer, but really be trying to get a clue as to where the gem might be hidden." She handed Jessica 10 dollars. The tube had let out in an alleyway under an awning, and now Jessica went across the street, clutching the umbrella, her first real challenge ahead of her.
    As she entered the building, she immediately started glance around, looking for clues. She noticed a stand in the middle of the floor, displaying gingerbread men. The walls had shelves, the shelves were stacked high with various baked goods. On the gingerbread men stand there was a padlocked door. A very likely place, it seemed very obvious though. She decided to look in other places first. Behind the counter maybe? People were back there all day. A college age blond girl sat behind the counter. Her name tag said Tara. She was on the phone talking.
    "I have to go Dad,  there's a customer!". She hung up the phone and set it down. She didn't seem like an accomplice in a crime. Jessica browsed around, picking up rolls and croissants, pretending to check the price labels, but really looking for a secret door behind them or anything else suspicious. She didn't find anything, so she checked out. She picked out a pretzel roll and two gingerbread men. The girl rang them up. 
    "$9.27," she said. Jessica handed her the bill and, attempting to sound casual said "Do you know what's in that door over there?"
    "No, want to see? I've never really known."
    "Sure." She pulled out a key and handed it to Jessica. Jessica walked over and put the key in the lock and turned it. The door swung open...
What is behind the door, 
Ruby or red herring?
Chapter 7 part 3 coming soon

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