Monday, March 11, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent- Chapter 6, part 2

Nobody is a Secret Agent, chapter 6, part 2
By Kaity Pittard, Book and Comic Strip Author

Previously: She had to retrieve a red flag with a blue star. Barely a few seconds before she left the tube, she was facing a room like no other.

Card board boxes, PVC pipes, potted plants and assorted things had built a maze. Jessica navigated the large room, hopping over plants and pipes at various levels. She saw lots of flags, none were red with a blue star. She saw them in creative places, like crammed in a pipe or jutting out from under a plant. She assumed they had been placed to confuse her. Finally, on top of a fridge box 'building', she found her flag. Just to be cool, she retrieved it with her grappling hook. She retrieved it and held it triumphantly over her head. Jessica ran back to the entrance. She showed the flag to Peter. He rewarded her with a new piece of equipment, a belt with a case  for her grappling hook. She ran back to the computer room to take the tube back to her own room. Back at the house she came down stairs. She hadn't even been missed.

Chapter 7 is is next,
Jessica goes on a real mission!

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Lynnette said...

Can't wait to read about the real mission!!!