Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nobody is a Secret Agent- chapter 7, part 1

Nobody is a secret agent- Chapter 7, Part 1
by Kaity Pittard,  Future Author

Jessica woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. Then she realized she had her first mission today! It had only been 4 days since all this started, but to Jessica, that night she had stood in her bare feet and PJ's talking to Julie and Peter seemed a long time ago.
    As she dragged herself from bed, her Mom called her downstairs.
    "Jessica, hurry up and get dressed and eat breakfast, we have to run errands." Jessica picked her jeans from yesterday out of the hamper and grabbed a t-shirt from her drawer. She pulled them on and went down stairs. She poured herself some cereal. As she was eating, Kyle came down. He peered into the box. Jessica had eaten the last of it.
    "You did that on purpose didn't you?" he said.
    "There's another box in the cabinet, " Jessica pointed out. Shortly, Kyle was eating. Whoops spoke too soon, eaten. Jessica noticed he was wearing his "Cereal Killer" t-shirt.
They stopped at the bank and returned some library books. After that they went to the grocery store. Mom gave Jessica permission to go to the card aisle to pick out a card for her best friend's birthday. As she went into it, the saw a blue light behind a display. A very familiar blue light. It was an agency tube. It was just closing up. She jumped through. She arrived at the agency, almost hitting the guy who had just come out. He must have jumped three feet in the air.
     "It's okay, I'm an agent, I didn't know there was a tube here I was checking it out!"
     " Oh, thank goodness, you nearly gave me a heart attack." He was still gasping for breath. "I'm agent Tron, you?"
     "Agent Nobody."
     " Hey, that's pretty funny!"
     "Thanks!" He had dark blond hair. It was short, but long enough to be messy, which it was. He had blue eyes. He wore a white t-shirt and light blue jeans with a stain on them. He was old enough to be her Dad. The agents had varying ages. According to Julie, The range was around 12-40. Speaking of Julie, Jessica found her and told her about agent Tron.
     "Well, I'm really glad you're an agent too! I have a mission for you. Agent Tiger will go with you on your missions. Agent Tiger, this is agent Nobody, she's the one you're doing missions with. A woman turned around and saw Jessica. She had long, shiny black hair and tan skin. She was tall and thin and had very bright blue eyes and really white teeth.
    "Hello! " she said.
    "She is 23 and has been with the agency four years," added Julie. "She will fill you in on the details, I'm sure." Tiger grabbed her arm and directed her to the tube room. They went to the tube labeled Alabama. A few minutes later, they exited the tube.

Part 2 coming soon
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