Friday, February 15, 2013

Shut the Front Door!

Several weeks ago, the doorknob on our front door quit working. As with so many things, we added it to the list of "stuff we'll fix when our income tax return comes in". Last week, we made the trek to Lowe's -- on a date night, no less! (Don't judge.) Anyway, we bought much needed new blinds, the doorknob, a drywall patch, HVAC filters, etc. I told Jeff I could handle the door (see what I did there?) and today the weather was actually nice enough and I felt well enough to get it done!

Jeff and I often say that there is no job so difficult that it can't be made more difficult with the help of a toddler. Selah really, really, loves to "help". Last week she was outside with Jeff while he replaced the brakes on the Taurus and it was incredibly precious. She would come in every once in a while holding a tool and announce, "I'm helpin' Daddy!" She has also recently discovered a fascination with screwdrivers, which she calls, adorably, a "scoover-drive".

Today, she kept wanting to get it away from me while I worked on the door. Not unkindly, but in an informative manner, she would sidle up to the outspread hardware and casually say, "I get my scooverdrive back now. It's my turn." After she tried that a couple of times, she gave up and contented herself with standing helpfully between me and the door so she could see the action up close.

After I took all the old hardware out, Selah loved peeping through the holes.Once she realized I was going to put in a new doorknob, she tried unconvincingly to change my mind. Palms out in front of her, as though to block the door, she shook her head and entreated me to "leave it like dis."

All done!

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