Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How We Shared the News

In the past, we've simply called our parents, friends, and the rest of the family to tell them whether we were having a boy or a girl. This time I thought it would be fun to do something a little more special. First off, I designed two special Scrabble boards and took pictures of them. Then I used my collection of scrapbooking supplies to design simple cards:

Because we would find out on a Monday, on Thursday I mailed the cards in two separate envelopes to my parents. I labeled the envelopes with numbers, and wrote on my calendar at home which envelope contained which card. Then I mailed them off with strict instructions not to open until I called to let them know which number was the correct one
BOY on the left, GIRL on the right - though Mom and Berk didn't know that!
The suspense of waiting nearly drove my mom crazy, but I think she enjoyed the surprise enough to forgive me for not just telling her on the phone!

Jeff's parents live closer to us, so we decided to have them come over to our house. We asked them to come to lunch that day, then stay to watch the kids while we went to the appointment. I wanted to do something fun with the children to announce it, and after finding several options on-line I chose Silly String. I figured they'd have the most fun with that! When I bought it at a party store after the appointment, I also chose a small selection of pink candies for the children to share.

They loved blasting each other with the pink spray!

Kaity helped Selah since she didn't quite have the coordination to do it herself.

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Belinda Jo Adams said...

You have such neat ideas! You must take after you aunt.