Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Those Pittard Kids

Selah has been so sweet this morning! The big kids were up early, before her, which is really unusual! They asked if they could play on the computer and on the Wii, and I gave my permission. Selah was still snoozing away in MY bed. The kids had been up playing quietly for several minutes when Selah sat up and cried, "Joe!"

Later, she started tugging at each one of them in their electronic stupor.

"Joe, I want you PAY wif me!"

"Kaity! Kaity, I want you PAY wif ... ME!"

How could they resist? 

I took this picture last week - Joe's eating an apple and watching Kaity play.
But as we all know, toddlers reserve the right to inexplicably change their minds without regard to anyone or anything else. When Kaity picked Selah up to go play upstairs, that tiny girl screamed like a banshee!

"NONONO! NO, Kaity! I want to watch!"


So now we're watching Robin Hood.

This one was taken a few weeks ago. I LOVE seeing them snuggle!

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