Thursday, August 09, 2012

Our Prodigy

A regular Picasso ...
... and by that, I mean it's hard to interpret what the artist intended to actually draw!

"Look, Mommy! It's a doggie! I draw a doggie!"

"Uh, sure, honey. That's ... something all right!"

Please note that she is wearing a single purple sock along with her sandals. She did that All By Herself.

Today while Selah was upstairs in preparation for her nap, I heard her talking. She was saying something, chattering, and then settled into a rhythmic pattern of babble and the word "down". It wasn't until she said, "Kaity, look - my guitar!" that I realized the "down-down-down" part was her interpretation of an electric guitar sound! Oh, and the other day I was listening to the radio when a guy started playing acoustic guitar. Selah immediately recognized it and said, "Guitar!" She also recognizes Daddy's tenor sax - we were waiting in the sanctuary one day for band practice to start, and Jeff began playing. Selah immediately turned around to the stage and said, "Daddy!"

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