Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chap. 2, Part 2

Nobody's a Secret Agent - Chapter 2, Part 2
by Kaity Pittard, Extraordinaire

"Well," said Julie, "If you come back tomorrow when we call you we can get you a watch and vest and all that. What color do you want your equipment to be?"

"Uh, green ... like this green," Jessica pointed to a stripe in her pajama pants. "How exactly do I call you?" Jessica had not noticed that Peter had left, and now he reentered the room holding something.

"You will use this," said Peter. He was holding a white watch. "When it beeps press this button."

"Don't forget," said Julie, "Don't tell anyone!"

Jessica turned to leave, but Peter stopped her. "After you get your vest and watch, the next day you will decide on a code name, and someone will show you around. The day after that, you will have a practice mission in a special room the agency has set up. After that day, you will do real missions."

"Well, we are going to bed," said Julie. Both people went through a door. Shortly, Jessica heard the muffled sound of one of those tube doors opening. The lights shut off and Jessica turned to go back through her tube. As she did so, she also noticed that there were no windows. It must be underground. She climbed in the tube feet first. When she came out she hit the back of the dresser. Jessica groaned. She hoped Mom and Dad had not heard. She crept silently back to her bed. She could not stop thinking about what had happened last night. She also thought, how in the world did people, no matter how tired they are, fall asleep instantly? Jessica turned over and read her book a little longer before she switched off her lamp and closed her eyes. (She didn't fall asleep instantly, though, even though she was tired.)

That morning she woke up thinking about the funny dream she had had about becoming president, but that's a different story. She went downstairs to eat breakfast. It was summer vacation but if you remember, she was home schooled. She pulled out the Mini Wheats and a bowl and poured some. She got out the milk and started to eat. She wanted to tell her mom about last night, but Julie told her not to tell about the agency. Jessica knew she could not be an agent if she told. Suddenly, her watch beeped.

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Enjoying the story. Looking forward to reading more.