Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Chapter 2 *The Secret Agents*, Part 1

 Chapter 2 
The Secret Agents

Both people in the room were medium sized. The woman had blond hair, which was pulled back into a pony tail. She had bright green eyes. The man looked completely different, he had brown hair and eyes. His hair was messy and not very short or very long. They were both looking at her. They were also smiling at her. Jessica did not have the faintest clue what was going on.
    "Let me explain," said the woman. "My name is Julie Anderson, this is my husband Peter," she said, pointing at the man. The name Anderson sounded strangely familiar to her, but she couldn't think of where she had heard it. "We are undercover secret agents and we run the agency here, there are lots other agents here, the tube you came through is one of many that our agents use to get around. You see, we have been watching you through technology and we think you would make a good new agent." Jessica, who was normally a super talkative person, was speechless.
    "We already know your name, would you mind giving us some more info?" Jessica hesitated, these people were complete strangers. Finally, Jessica decided to tell them. It meant she could be a secret agent! Who would pass up that!
    "My name is Jessica Evans and when school starts back, I will be in 8th grade, and I am home schooled."
    "Perfect!" said Peter. Jessica continued.
    "I am guessing you know where I live, seeing as you installed a pipe thing in my room."
    " I suppose," said Peter,"but can we still get your address?"
    "Sure, it's number 8 Pine Tree Drive, Harmony Grove, Georgia." Jessica noticed that the whole time, Julie was taking notes. Jessica continued.
    "I have an older brother named Kyle, he is 15, I also have a pet cat and a pet goldfish."
    "Well," said Julie, "I think that is all we needed  to know for now. I guess if you would like to be an agent we could enroll you-"
    "Of course I want to be an agent! Who wouldn't?"
    "Well, a few people have turned down the offer -- " said Peter, Julie gave him a look.
To Be Continued ...duhn duhn duuuhh ...

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