Sunday, March 04, 2012

This ... Is ... Jeopardy!

I know, I know, you think I'm never going to update with pictures of the cutest kids in the world. Well, I'll get to it next time! For now I have some fun news to share!

A few weeks ago I took the Jeopardy! Online Test ... and I passed! I got an e-mail on Friday asking me to come for a follow-up appointment, the catch being that it's in Philadelphia. After talking it over with Jeff and praying about it, I decided to confirm the appointment and give it a shot! Basically what happens is that once you take the fifty question test, you're notified only if you pass. Out of those that pass, random selections are made to determine who gets appointments. Both times that I took the test in Atlanta (it was not online at the time) only 5-6 people out of the crowd of 80-100 passed - and no, I didn't pass either time!

Anyway, this appointment is the next step in the process. Sony Entertainment gives a run-down of the process here:
"Those selected to come to an in-person audition will be invited to their preferred audition city (chosen by user during registration) to participate in a full audition process consisting of:
  • Being tested with a new, different 50-clue test.
  • Playing a "mock version" of JEOPARDY! to assess your game-playing skills.
  • A short personality interview.
If you pass all the requirements to become a contestant you will be entered into the contestant pool. Adults for regular shows will remain in the pool for 18 months from the date of their in-person interview."
So, this is just a follow-up and in no way guarantees I'll actually be on the show. I figure it will be a really fun experience anyway, even if this is far as I get. I'll keep y'all updated!

In the meantime, if you want to help me earn the money for my plane ticket, feel free to order a cookbook or three! They make great presents for Mother's Day, weddings, birthdays ...

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