Monday, January 23, 2012

I Think She Knows the Drill

Today Kaity was upset about something that had happened, and I sent her to my room so we could talk privately (she wasn't being disciplined, this was just a talk). Nosy-Nellie Selah followed us in there and stared us down while we talked. After a few seconds Selah walked over to the pocket shoe hanger on the back of our door, pulled out Daddy's belt and brought it to me! She had the most serious expression on her face! Kaity and I just exploded with laughter, but Selah didn't get it. She stared soberly at us for a beat, then said, "Uh-oh!"

And now, some pictures of Kaity conducting school for the day:

Please excuse the mess on the kitchen counters. It's the aftermath of feeding 16 people the night before, plus making hummus first thing in the morning.

Kaity reading "The Stallions of Lipizza" to Joe.

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