Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Brother is Watching!

Our sweet little Selah has really taken to her big brother lately! She follows Joe wherever he goes, holding her arms up and saying, "Hold! Hold!" He kindly picks her up and carries her around for a bit, talking to her and laughing with her. She is, shall we say, certain about what she wants, and asserts herself pretty well! She brings him books and says, "Ree, ree!" She tugs his hand to show him how she wants him to sit with her or play games with her.
While I was writing this post, Selah saw the pictures, pointed to Joe and kissed at the screen!

Joe's reading, and Selah is knocking on the picture of the door.

Ring around the rosie!

Joe is a terrific big brother! He's very patient and willing to play with his determined little sister.

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