Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Three Cute Things - Selah Edition

1. Selah has learned to roar. It's indescribably adorable. She leans over, squinches up her face and says, "Rawr!" with her mouth wide open. Then she giggles and shrieks because she amuses herself so much. You are required to roar back, which also makes her giggle.

2. Selah did Pilates with me today. SO. CUTE. The kids were squealing and admiring her, so she really hammed it up.

3. At lunch, I asked Kaity to ask the blessing. Just as we bowed our heads and got still and quiet, Selah hollered, "Cake-oo!" which is how she says, "Thank you!" We knew it was a coincidence, but it was precious nonetheless.

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