Monday, November 21, 2011

"Back When I Was A Kid ...

... we didn't have any fancy dishwashers like you whippersnappers have today!" Actually, they had been invented, we just never had one. And now that ours broke, we don't have one, either. When I was a kid, my big brother Stuart and I would take turns washing and rinsing. We hated the chore, but were determined to make the time pass more quickly by having fun at it. More often than not, one would read aloud while the other worked, trading off back and forth. Or we'd play word games, like the Alphabet Game. We'd pick a category like cars or animals and take turns, each naming items in alphabetical order. We also played a game called "Stadt, Land, Fluß" - where we'd have to name a city, country, and body of water that started with a particular letter. Another favorite was where we'd say a word and the other person had to come up with a song that contained that word. We'd also do a similar game with a phrase from a song, and the other one had to sing the song.

And now my children are beginning to know the joy of a life spent standing at the sink, elbow-deep in sudsy water.

Waiting for Joe to come rinse ...

Even Selah likes to get in on the action when we let her!

I just realized that these pictures make it seem like Kaity is always washing, but they do take turns!

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