Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday night, I went to visit with my friend Alicyn who lives right outside Atlanta. She and I have known each other since middle school and we try to keep in touch with visits a couple of times a year. This particular visit involved a driving tour of Atlanta, coke floats, fish and chips, and a cemetery.

Alicyn Wonderland, Al, Ali-cat, etc.
During our tour, we stopped at OK Cafe for coke floats ... cherry coke floats. They were scrumptious! I'd love to go back sometime for dinner. The restaurant has great atmosphere, super-friendly staff, and a mouth-watering menu!

For dinner (yes, AFTER dessert) we went to a restaurant called Six Feet Under ... so-called because it's across the street from a graveyard! We ate on the rooftop, which had a fabulous view of Oakland Cemetery.

We headed over to take the twilight tour of the graveyard after dinner. Naturally, we signed the guestbook for posterity.

Some of the grave markers are quite elaborate, and mostly Victorian in nature.

This is the grave of Margaret Mitchell, who wrote "Gone With the Wind". I've never read it, but apparently it's quite popular.

Bobby Jones' grave - an ode to our Augusta heritage.

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