Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing Outside

My children alternate between "There's nothing to DO outside!" to staying out for hours at a time. I haven't quite figured out why sometimes it's boring and sometimes fascinating, but until then I'll just continue my regular program of kicking them out when they get on my nerves. One day last week, we all just went out and enjoyed the mild Georgia summer weather - it was only 90 degrees!

Joe, showing off his shake popsicle.

Joe, playing with a daisy and our neighbor's kitten, Dash. Note his resourceful use of his toes as a popsicle holder.
Selah playing with the daisy and her baby, Hopie.

Kaity showing her Just Like Me doll, Ally Kate.

Kaity hand-sewed the outfit Ally Kate is modeling.

Our sweet girl.
 And now, the man who made all of this possible ...

My Handsome, in a VW shirt, naturally.

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