Friday, November 20, 2009

Our New Home

At long last, I have pictures of our new home! We've had so many rainy days I haven't gotten out and taken any pictures until today. It's an absolutely gorgeous fall day! I just went grocery shopping, the kids are playing outside, Jeff and I are going on a date tonight, Daisy's taking a bath on the desk ... life is good.

The house is in the country, surrounded by pasture and horse farm and pecan trees. Very tranquil. Except for the neighbor's peacocks, who like to visit and torment the cats. :)

Our bedroom. We've more or less taken over three rooms -- the master bedroom; the "playroom", now the kids' bedroom and the sunroom, now the schoolroom. Cheryl has a wonderful decorating eye, so all this is just how she had the rooms. We added the pictures of the kids, the Willow Tree figurines, and the dresser.

The children's room! The bed has a trundle that slides out for Joe every night.

As you can see, Daisy is settling in quite nicely. She could only have been more content if she'd been sleeping on the computer keyboard.

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