Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joseph Turns 5!

Joe turned 5 on August 14th, and we had a BUSY weekend! I'm going to show it to you in pictures with added commentary. I'm still too exhausted from it to give you the play-by-play!

Grammie wanted to give Joe his presents from herself and Baba in person, so we met at the halfway point -- a McDonald's in Washington. The kids had hot fudge sundaes.

Joe got underwear (which he actually asked for!), socks, books, a gift card, GI Joe action figures -- who now are named after the four Gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he deliberated for a while then settled on a "monkey cake". This was my attempt. It made the birthday boy happy and that's all that matters!

We had his little party at Nannie and Papa's house on Saturday, since we were staying the night with them Friday night. I hid Joe's presents in three places around the house. He had to follow "monkey prints" (I traced his foot) to find the presents -- three different colors for three different locations.

He followed the blue footprints outside to find his new school desk! Jeff and I bought it at an antique store a while back, and Ken and Cheryl restored it and painted his name on the back.

Jeff's brother Jason was there with his three children, Jacob and Sarah and Joel.

Amazingly, though each child wanted a very specific part of the monkey, they all chose different parts! What are the odds of that happening?? Sarah and Joel got ears, Jacob actually didn't request anything specific, Kaity wanted the hair (chocolate sprinkles) and Joe, bless his heart, wanted, and I quote ... the nostrils. Yes, that's my boy!

Sadly, the weekend ended with me having a terrible migraine Sunday-Monday. I still have what I call a "leftover" headache from it today, but at least I can function now!

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Anonymous said...

great job on the cake! happy birthday, again, joe! luv y'all!