Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Character Development

We started school Monday! The kids are loving it ... those first few weeks are always so blessedly full of enthusiasm and excitement. Naturally, Kaity has days where school is more of a burden, but I try my best to schedule plenty of "fun" stuff to keep her from getting frustrated.

One thing we're doing this year is a series on character development. I did it with Kaity in, I think, first grade and now I'm going through it again with both of them. I found this resource on Focus on the Family's website. Essentially, there is one character trait that we'll study and learn about for a two-week unit. There's a poster to print, stories to read and projects to do to reinforce the character trait. I'm also supplementing with a video series we have from Alpha Omega Publications, Character Builders. The kids love those videos!

And speaking of character building, the kids put on a play for me a few weeks ago that was absolutely precious! They acted out the Israelites flight from Egypt, complete with plagues. Kaity narrated and played the part of Moses; Joe was Pharoah and they both helped out with the plagues. (This was completely their own idea and they practiced for a long time upstairs before coming down to perform!)

Pharoah on his throne; Moses narrating the story.

The plague of frogs, in a costume sized 12-18 months.

The locusts devouring "every green thing".

The blood on the doorposts that represented the salvation of the Hebrews.

The Red Sea swallowing up the Pharoah and the Egyptians.

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