Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Gonna Be Outnumbered!

Though not thrilled about it being 3 versus 2 ... Jeff and I are very excited about the new addition coming to our family soon. Baby #3 is due in February! Naturally, in cleaning out and organizing this year, I have sold/given away every piece of baby furniture, every baby accessory, baby clothes, maternity clothes, etc. I have also gone down a size in my jeans. What perfect timing! :)

The kids are really excited as well, and are lobbying for a sister. We've explained that God has already given us one or the other -- we don't get a choice. But they're still pretty convinced she's a girl. Jeff doesn't care one way or the other as long as he/she is healthy and strong and has brown eyes. As for me, girl clothes are so much cuter ... but I really don't mind either way!

On the coffeehouse front, however, this means a big change. With the economy the way it is, banks are just not lending right now. We kept getting the same message -- "Great credit, great business plan, great idea, but ..." So, after learning of our pregnancy on Saturday, we've decided that God's plan for us is to put the coffeehouse on hold for now. We're sad about that, but the sadness is greatly outweighed by the joy of our new baby!


Leah said...

I am so sorry for this change in your business plans, but am THRILLED in the change in your family plans!!!! I don't have many 'winter' maternity clothes, but you are welcome to all I have:-) Love you so much!

Kathi said...

I am so excited for your family! What a blessing! :)
If you have a baby boy, I am sure I could help you out with the baby clothes! :) I have so many that I don't think little James will be able to wear them all.

Laura said...

Congrats Jeni! That's so exciting for you! We have tons of clothes we'd be more than willing to share. Please let me know. We don't live too far to share anymore! Send our congratulations on to Jeff and the kids.