Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iowa Standardized Test

So, I admit to being a little nervous about Kaity taking the test. After all, I've been her teacher for 4 years now, but has she actually learned anything? I mean, I'm pretty pragmatic about it and I feel like she's a very bright kid, but when it comes to her someday entering college I want her to be prepared. I didn't want the first test she took that didn't come from me to be the SAT! Then the there's the fact that I don't actually test her! She doesn't get grades. Anyway, all that's beside the point because she tested amazingly well. I have to remember, too, that she's actually a grade level ahead. She started Kindergarten at 4, so other children her age are just finishing second grade instead of third.

She tested at grade level (3.8/3.9) on only two of the nine overall categories. She tested at nearly 8th grade (7.8) on two categories. The rest were anywhere from 4.0 to 6.9 grade levels. Out of the 40 "sub-levels" Kaity made a 90 or above on 17. Out of those 17, 15 were 100% correct! So, yeah, I think we did the right thing by starting her in Kindergarten early!

This is Kaity handing out programs at the wedding a couple of weeks ago. Please notice her perfect first position feet from ballet!


Laura said...

Ethan's starting first grade officially this year. And I worry about whether he's learning enough too, but now, I can add you to the list of moms who tell me..."Just wait until you test them. You'll feel so much better." Way to go Kaity!

Kathy said...

Congratulations on the test scores!