Monday, February 23, 2009

Our New Car

Well, our poor old van died. We had a head gasket blow, and the mechanic was shocked that I was even able to drive it out to him! That happened about three weeks ago, so I've been without a car since then. Not that I ever took transportation for granted, but I certainly won't now! I am really thankful for people who came and picked me and the kids up to take us places.

The same day I took the car to the mechanic, I had spent the morning filing our taxes. While we usually use our refund to pay off any debt we've accumulated and to pay for school the next year, I found out within a few short hours we'd be buying a car with it this year! Praise God that He provided the money in perfect timing!

After a long search, and considering a lot of vehicles, Berk found a 2003 Taurus for sale in Thomson. We thought that was pretty cool since we used to live there, and we went to take a look at it on Saturday. We had been praying about it, and Jeff and I kind of knew that we'd know right away whether the car was right for us or not. It was! The price was higher than what we wanted to spend, but Berk graciously told us ahead of time that if we really liked the car and everything checked out, he'd pay the difference. What a blessing!

Here it is, sitting in our driveway!

Aren't they sweet? I think my parents like Jeff better than they do me!

Grammie and Baba and the little crumb snatchers.

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