Wednesday, September 03, 2008

When I Was Your Age ...

I am a firm believer in kids doing chores. I figure if I had to suffer when I was child, then mine will, too! Actually, I have real reasons for them helping out around the house, none of which have to do with punishment. But, the point of this post is that Joe especially, is hilarious when it comes to his WAT -- work avoidance technique. His is a three-pronged approach -- Physical Ailments, Charm, and DOT (Doing Other Things). He varies his approach in the variety of things he says/does, and also in the order in which he takes them.

Physical Ailments: (These are actual quotes!)

I can't stand up anymore! Followed/preceded by -- My legs are hurting!
The bottom of my knees are tired.
My tummy is hurting.
My mouth is hurting ... I need a drink of ice water.
It's too heavy! (While carrying a plastic cup)


"I love you, mommy!"
A wink and a smile ...
"I want to kiss you!"
"I was just coming to give you a hug!"
The how-could-you-make-someone-this-cute-do-hard-labor look that you just have to see to believe.


Letting Daisy outside
Feeding the cats
Checking to see what the rest of the family is doing
Going to put something else away (stray sock, toy, cereal box from breakfast etc.)
"I need to go potty!"

And of course, the classic blame of the sibling. "Kaity didn't put her dishes away!" or "But Kaity is distracting me!"

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Anonymous said...

i need to start one of these blogs to tell the cute things my kids say! the chore avoidance reminds me of shanna now!!