Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just an Ordinary Day

I really do love ordinary days. I like going places and doing special things, but overall, I love being at home and doing all of those everyday things that make up our lives as a family. I try to keep my camera handy so that when wonderful, ordinary things happen I can snap a picture.

This is Joe in a "car" that he and Kaity designed. Well, basically Kaity was design and management while Joe was construction. The basket is the trunk, and Joe is holding the "steering wheel", a clothes hanger.

Sunday isn't really an "everyday", but we love the traditions and ceremony of the day. A day set apart to worship our Father in His house, to sing praise and worship through music, to hear our pastor challenge and encourage us with a message from God, to fellowship with other believers, to spend time together as a family ... Sunday is my favorite day of the week! These are pictures of the kids on Sunday morning 30 seconds after I brushed their hair and put the finishing touches on them. If I had waited a full minute to capture this, Joe's shirt would be untucked and Kaity's hair would be a mess.

And just last night, Jeff and I sent the kids upstairs after baths and pajamas so that they could play for a few minutes before bedtime. Ten, fifteen minutes later I looked at Jeff and said, "They're awfully quiet up there ..." Immediately, he said, "I'm going to check on them." You see, when you're a seasoned parent you know that silence is not always golden. Sometimes silence means your bathtub just got painted blue.

But in this case it was sweet ... Kaity was reading a story to Joe and he fell asleep in the middle! Adorable, huh?

Get this ... while I was typing up this post, Jeff came home and brought me flowers!

I thought that was really funny, so the kids then dressed up as Kaity and me.

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Laura said...

That's so sweet! I like to let the kids go up in time to have a little time together before "lights out," too. Are y'all going to Stone Mountain this Friday?