Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kaitlyn G. Pittard, Attorney-at-Law

My mom called the house the other night and typically, Kaity answered the phone. (She's my little secretary, weeding out the solicitors. She's perfected the eye roll and hanging up the phone while saying disdainfully, "Computer solicitor!") So anyway, mom and Kaity start talking about school and Kaity tells Grammie that she's learning division. It's obvious to mom that she's not happy about it.

Grammie: "Division is important in life. You use it for a lot of things! (She's being happy and encouraging and Kaity is not having any of it.) For example, let's say you had three friends over and you wanted to share a bag of M&M's with them. You'd need to divide them equally."

Kaity, completely missing the point: "Mommy would never let me have three friends over. She's never let me have more than two friends."

Grammie, trying a new tactic: "Well, let's say that you went to the grocery store and Mommy let you get a dozen doughnuts to have for breakfast. How would you divide them up between you and Joe?"

Kaity, perhaps deliberately missing the point to avoid division: "Mommy would never let us have more than one doughnut."

Grammie gave up after that.

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