Thursday, July 13, 2006

One Room Schoolhouse

How to educate the children we have been blessed with is one of the biggest decisions parents make. For our part, Jeff and I started wondering what to do before we even had kids! When Katie came along, we began really paying attention to the world of schooling -- home, public, private. Jeff and I both came to the conclusion that if we wanted to raise her with the best education possible and still retain a Biblical worldview we would have to take it on ourselves. For our family, God was telling us that homeschooling was the best choice. Last year, when Kaitlyn was a month shy of five years old, we started her out doing Kindergarten and she loved it. We did only reading, handwriting, math, art, and Bible, in addition to taking advantage of "teachable moments". I had decided that we would use it as an evaluation -- if she thrived, then it would be on to first grade. If she didn't do well, we'd repeat Kindergarten with a full curriculum. She did great! So this Monday we ordered her first grade books and supplies for the fall. After much research and prayer, we decided to go with Sonlight Curriculum. They are a veritable feast of curriculum! It's one-stop shopping for all the best resources out there. In addition to the core classes, which focus on history and literature, Katie will also have Bible, art appreciation/skill lessons, and music appreciation. I love that Sonlight's worldview is Biblical, and teaches children to think critically about their faith, how to apply it to their lives, and how to share it with others. The hard part will be waiting until September to start school!

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