Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bonnie and Clyde/Katie and Joe

Kaitlyn: She's beautiful as ever! And very loquacious -- this is one case where the "Parents' Curse" has come true. You know the one: "I hope you have a kid who's just like you!" Thanks a lot, Mom! :) She is constantly in motion and constantly talking. Her imagination is totally unfettered. She makes up stories about her toys, draws pictures and tells stories about them, and she loves to make up songs. Usually she transforms a praise song or hymn that she knows into something of her own creation. Katie loves to read and write and learn -- she's very inquisitive. She's also silly as a goose. Her best friend is Lydia and her favorite food is tortellini.

Joseph: Cute as a button! And a study in perpetual motion! He has two speeds -- fast and asleep. He loves heavy equipment -- especially Daddy's dump truck. Nothing makes Joe happier than seeing Daddy walk in the door. Unless you count food. He is highly motivated by his tummy. He has a shoe fetish -- if there are shoes lying around, they'll be on his feet in no time! He loves to sit and read books, especially "the Bike Lesson" by the Berenstains. He is becoming quite independent and knows exactly what he wants. Whenever he willfully disobeys, Joe backs away from us, covers his hiney with both hands, and giggles. His favorite song is "The Three Little Pigs" by Mr. Eric, and his favorite possession would have to be "Binky", his pacifier.

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Mom said...

This is too cute. You are welcome, Kaity is exactly like her mother. I love the big words you use...

I can't imagine that Joe would do anything that would warrant a spanking on his hiney!!