Monday, July 10, 2006

The End of the Rainbow

Last Wednesday, Katie and Joe and I drove down to Mom and Berk's so we could all go to Blackshear the next day. The five of us rode in Mom's Toyota Camry which made for a very interesting trip. And by interesting, I mean crazy! I had to choose between the lesser of two evils - allow the children to sit next to each other, meaning they could also touch each other - or to sit in between them, meaning I would have a 5-year old on my right and a 2-year old on my left. Hmmm. . . Those of you with children will know that this was quite a conundrum. I chose to sit by the window on the trip down, but I separated the two on the way home! Poor Berkley, who had never had the privilege (?) of going on vacation with small children before had also not had the privilege of actually hearing children complain that "He's touching me!" Or changing a diaper, literally, on the side of the road. Or listening to "Bullfrogs and Butterflies" ad infinitum. Or playing "I spy" for a hundred miles. I'm sure he's glad now that Stuart and I were already surly teenagers when he began dating Mom. Anyway, other than that, we had a wonderful visit with Granny and Papa, Uncle David, Jessica, Albert, Kiley Jo, Aunt Cindy, Shanna, etc. As always, Granny had lots of good food -- watermelon, fresh corn, chicken & dumplin's, cream cheese pound cake, scalloped potatoes, ham, rice & tomatoes, and sausage for yours truly. When we first arrived, Granny asked us if there was anything special we wanted to do while we were there so Mom, Berk and I gave her a list. We wanted to eat a lot, go for walks, take naps, rock on the front porch, go out to the pond, visit with family, and play Scrabble. Can you believe that we managed to fit all that in? I just love going to Granny and Papa's!

Oh, and don't feel too sorry for Jeff, not being able to go. We very much missed him being there, but he did get a rare treat -- to go out to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, followed by Superman Returns. Not bad for an evening of "baching it". :)

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