Monday, May 22, 2017

School Year Wrap-Up

This has to have been the longest, busiest school year we've ever had! August feels so long ago, like when people talk about the 90s as if they were only 10 years ago, only in reverse. Maybe that made more sense in my head. At any rate ... Y'all. It's been a long year. We have spent the last few weeks wrapping it all up, and it's been fun!

On the last day of Classical Conversations, I promised my class they could have a Nerf war:

They had spent the preceding two weeks working on a protective container to use in the egg drop experiment. We suprised the kids by having a fire engine come! They used the ladder truck to drop the eggs. I think the fire fighters had as much fun as the kids!

The end-of-the-year party for CC included each class doing a presentation of their choice. My kids decided to recite five history sentences covering WWI and WWII. Joe wore his Grandpa Rick's uniform coat and cover. 

Lauryn did not want to cooperate!

Selah's class sang The Presidents Song.

World War history!
 Joe also participated in the Faces of History presentation. The kids wrote papers on a chosen historical character. They then edited their papers down to a two-minute, first-person presentation. As a bonus, they got to dress up as the characters! Joe was Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor of Europe.

Charlemagne always looked to the right in his portraits.

Lauryn drew this picture of me on the chalkboard, and it pretty much sums up how I feel at the end of the school year:

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