Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Day of School

While we finished our co-op classes up in April, Kaity's two academic classes have continued on for several weeks. Knowing I'd have six more weeks of a 1-1/2 hour round trip centered around a 3-1/2 hour class period, I made lots of plans with the younger three kids. Our Tuesdays have been filled with park days, much to my kids' delight! I think we thoroughly explored the area around Gainesville, and while it was lovely, I'm so thankful never to have to make that looooong drive with that looooonger wait again! These last 2 weeks, Kaity only had one class, making our wait just an hour and a half. This past Tuesday, we just did schoolwork and played on the playground there at the church.

Reading "My Father's Dragon" ...

Selah wanted to take a picture.

Working on math.

Joe, taking a break from Minecraft to read.

Selah took this picture of me coloring a Death Eater mask from Harry Potter.
 Done with school and tired of the playground, the girls decided to build fairy houses.

Joe joined in the fun, too!

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