Sunday, February 07, 2016

Kaity Crochets!

A few months ago, Kaity picked up her crochet hook again and started working. She knew the basics from a while back, but hadn't really gone much past making playing around with it. This time, she started looking for patterns on-line and it wasn't long before she started cranking out creative new projects.

One of her presents from us for Christmas was several new skeins of yarn and she even purchased more with money she received as a gift.

Here she is, modeling a trendy new hat!

As soon as she spotted a pattern for a banana, she knew she had to make it for Bobba's birthday. It's a silly running joke with him and the kids that bananas are his friends.

Kaity's friend Sierra loves pigs, so this was a gift for her:

This adorable dragon Kaity made just for fun:

And this is one of the bunnies Kaity made for her sisters for Christmas:

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Lynnette said...

Those are really nice projects Kaity. Crocheting is a good skill to develop!!