Friday, February 05, 2016

Beauty & The Beast @ The Fox!

Wednesday night, Amber, Kim and I went to see the Broadway musical Beauty and the Beast at the Fox in Atlanta! It's the favorite Disney movie for all three of us, so it's only natural that we HAD to go. Between all of our busy, conflicting schedules, Wednesday was the only night we could manage it, which just happened to be Selah's birthday.

Kaity leaned over the wall to snap this shot of me applying my lipstick.
After spending the day celebrating our favorite six-year-old, I put the finishing touches on the meatballs and sauce for dinner and headed out! Kaity took care of cooking the pasta when the time came.

Cooking dinner in my favorite apron! I was totally born in the wrong era.

Amber took all the following pictures with her cell phone.
Amber, Kim and me!

Here's Amber's contraband picture of the stage at the Fabulous Fox ... she's such a rebel! I love it. The architecture inside the building is truly beautiful. It was built in the 1920's and it shows!

The musical itself was really wonderful. All the original dialogue and songs, with added details and songs that just enhanced the experience. The costumes and the sets were all gorgeous.

Queen Kim and me!
Walking back to the parking garage ...

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